PrimeRevenue Named Best Place to Work by Atlanta Journal Constitution

March 27, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

PrimeRevenue is a revered leading platform for working capital finance solutions, and it today announced that the company has been named to the annual list of Best Places to Work from the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution conducts a yearly assessment via surveys sent to company employees, as well as a review of the companies’ policies, procedures and benefits.

The resulting list reflects the best places to work in the greater Atlanta area, based on culture, benefits, and general practices.

“Being named a top place to work in Atlanta is a testament to our employees and our management team for continuing to strive for the most productive and supportive work environment possible, even as we simultaneously focus on accelerated growth,” says PJ Bain, CEO of PrimeRevenue. “While creating and nurturing a collaborative work space benefits our employees, it also impacts the success of our customers.”

This actually going to be the second consecutive year that PrimeRevenue was named as a best place to work by AJC.

“At PrimeRevenue we aim to offer competitive benefits above and beyond what is required of us in order to attract and retain the best talent,” added Bain.

PrimeRevenue just recently upped the ante in regard to its Atlanta-based employees to over 100 in the past year and as result had to take its operations elsewhere, to a much larger office.

This is a growth that is hardly surprising considering the hiring of talented people who are the best at doing what they do. The company additionally offers onsite training that fosters professional and career development for its employees to illuminate the company’s values.