Ethoca Wins Big with Two Honours at the FStech Awards 2017

March 24, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Ethoca, beyond having one of the coolest names in the industry, is also constantly making headway propelling them higher in the ecommerce space.

The company has announced that it has won two awards at the London FStech Awards 2017.

The global innovator was awarded top honor for Anti-Fraud Strategy of the Year, plus Overall Winner at FStech Awards, an honor that recognizes the best solution out of 26 categories.

The awards, which are currently in their 17th year, are in the business of acknowledging excellence and innovation within the UK and EMEA financial services sectors and were announced on Thursday, March 23rd at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square.

“We are proud to be recognized again in Europe for our dedication to innovation in financial services technology.  Our global collaboration network empowers participating issuers and merchants to stop more CNP fraud and chargebacks with each passing day,” said Keith Briscoe, Chief Marketing Officer, Ethoca. “It’s an honor that the judges recognized the unique value that Ethoca brings to all players in the payment ecosystem. To be recognized with two awards at this level proves that our services are not just effective, but are indispensable to card issuers and online merchants in Europe and beyond.”

These honors are present to Ethoca to recognize their performance, especially in relation to Ethoca Alerts. Ethoca Alerts is a faster, and more cost-effective, customer friendly alternative to chargebacks.

It provides an early warning on fraud and disputes that have been verified between cardholders and their issuing bank, giving merchants the ability to cut off fraud at the seams, halt the delivery of goods and services, and refund cardholders to avoid impending chargebacks.

Card issuers who use the service benefit by avoiding chargeback processing costs and recovering fraud losses, which includes 3D Secure and low-value transaction write-offs, at rapid rate and marginally expensive.