Sionic Mobile Boosts Mobile Loyalty With RevTrax

March 21, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Sionic Mobile and RevTrax just recently announced the integration of the ION Commerce Engine mobile loyalty and payments platform with RevTrax SmartOffers, giving retailers and consumer packaged goods providers the ability to more efficiently engage and connect with millions of Rewards App users across the nation.

Sionic mobile users will now reap the benefits of the digital coupons for products nearby retailers, and free, exclusive perks on top of the instant rewards customers receive after every mobile transaction completed.

“Retailers are mindful that digital and mobile influence is largely impacting the current consumer path to purchase, however, most retailers have not been able to effectively integrate this into actionable initiatives,” said Seth Sarelson, COO and co-founder of RevTrax. “The addition of digital, personalized incentives and offers to Sionic Mobile’s popular ICE mobile loyalty and payments platform provides merchants with the tools needed to deliver one-to-one marketing campaigns. Retailers and CPGs will now have the ability to deliver the ideal offer to consumers within spending distance, further building brand loyalty and enhancing the customer experience.”

Sionic Mobile’s ICE platform allows partners’ Rewards App users to pay for purchases right from their phones, and watch the rewards pour in via their favorite loyalty currency through the Mobile Rewards Marketplace. The Marketplace includes over a whopping 100,000 retail locations nationally.

The Mobile Rewards Marketplace is made up of both large chain retailers and small businesses. It leverages a secure cloud-based service on mobile devices or POS system of the merchant’s choosing-thus eliminating the necessity for new equipment. The Marketplace works parallel to existing rewards programs, and Marketplace merchants accept mobile payments that are safe, secure and processed by J.P. Morgan Chase.

“This is truly the tri-fecta of digital incentives: Rewards, Savings and Perks,” said Ronald Herman, CEO and founder of Sionic Mobile. “The addition of personalized incentives using IBM Watson and unique discounts allow retailers to better connect with consumers, generate awareness and build loyalty, all while providing a measurable ROI. The result is one of the industry’s most robust and intuitive mobile commerce platforms on the market. Incorporating RevTrax SmartOffers with our proven loyalty and payments engine will be a game changer for retailers that will not only amplify customer engagment and the overall user experience, but also provide a significant edge in a crowded mobile marketplace.”