Credit Sesame Helps Qualified Consumers Obtain the Right Credit Card

March 2, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Credit Sesame is a leading financial wellness, consumer credit and personal finance company, which we know. That everyone knows. What you may not know is that it just recently launched a new service that pre-qualifies members for credit cards, saving them time and most importantly their credit.

“Through integration with the pre-qualification technology from the Capital One developer platform, we’re providing a new way for qualified borrowers to apply for a credit card with confidence,” said Adrian Nazari, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credit Sesame.

As a result of this new service, Credit Sesame will be providing members with a sense of confidence in their credit card app process.

The updated service presents credit cards that are closely tied to consumers’ credit and financial profiles, meaning it coincides with their ultimate goals. When members log in and sift their way through the pre-qualification tool, they will hypothetically see pre-qualified Capital One cards and will apply for them with a measure of confidence.

CEO Nazari further highlighted, “Our new service leverages our advanced data and analytics to allow our members to quickly identify the Capital One cards they’re pre-qualified for. It brings more transparency to the consumer before they even start their credit card application process without impacting the their credit score. This provides an enhanced user experience and gets us closer to our commitment to connect our members to the right products at the right time, while simplifying and automating consumers’ credit and loan management.”