Payworks Expands EMV Offering with New TSYS Quick Chip Certification

March 17, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Payworks is known as a worldly payment gateway and EMV tech platform for the purpose of integrated POS solutions and they have made some head with new chip certification. The company recently announced their new certification with TSYS, known as a leading payment processor in the U.S., for EMV Quick Chip.

This launch announcement of Quick Chip brings a new approach to EMV chip card processing resulting in much speedier checkouts and an overall improved customer experience. The transaction process is streamlined allowing customers to have their chips read and removing the card from the terminal with 2 seconds or even less, a truly fast swipe.

This serves to cut time down from 15 seconds, the typical waiting time a customer experiences with standard EMV processing. This new certification process will service all major card schemes such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payworks helps merchants keep customers satisfied by ensuring they encounter a simple and consistent payment experience, regardless of card type.

“EMV is an important new security technology for the United States, and the EMV certification will allow Payworks to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace,” said John Badovinac, Director of Developer Partnerships for TSYS’ Merchant Services segment. “We’re proud to be working with companies like Payworks who can bring EMV solutions to our more than 200 clients, including acquiring banks, ISOs and other processors.”

Quick Chip has no fees attached to payment processors, acquiring banks, and multiple payment networks. In fact, it only requires a simple software update to the merchants’ card terminal or POS.

“Merchants need to offer customers the best payment experience – a solution which is not only fast, but also secure,” said Michael Doron, Managing Director of Payworks Inc. “We’re really focused on helping –Integrated Software Vendors (ISVs), Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) of Point of Sale solutions as well as merchants understand how easy the EMV transition can be when using Payworks technology. It’s great to work with TSYS who also sees the potential in simplifying EMV payment acceptance.”