How Mobile Payments Can Make You A Better Boyfriend

March 16, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Being a boyfriend has never exactly been an easy thing, especially for some guys. It implies commitment, and obligates the guy in a variety of ways, many of which Dave Barry discussed to great effect in his book “A Complete Guide to Guys.”

Can a simple mobile app be an effective way to be a better boyfriend? The folks behind Hero Boyfriend are banking that it will, and its tools are almost deceptively simple.

The Hero Boyfriend app basically takes some of those instances of being a “good boyfriend” and makes these more accessible for the user. It acts like a digital assistant specifically targeting the romantic, offering suggestion of recipes for a favorite meal, setting up subscription orders of flowers, or suggesting that it’s been a while since your last romantic picnic.

It’s effectively an artificial intelligence (AI)-based personal assistant tool, almost like Siri, but focused exclusively on turning guys into better boyfriends.

Hero Boyfriend has been in development for the last two years, a reflection of how difficult it can be to set up such a system. It’s clear that some breed of mobile payment system likely has to be incorporated here, especially if it’s ordering flowers semi-regularly for the love of your life.

Admittedly, it’s hard to swallow that an app can turn a regular schlub into a Prince Charming, but in all honesty, this is neither hard to believe nor particularly demeaning. For many guys, a lot of the “unwritten rules” about relationships can be the hardest things to deal with.

Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other key dates after a certain point in a man’s life can be particularly hard; most of the neural pathways are laid down and learning new things thus becomes more difficult. An app, however, can take care of a lot of these problems immediately.

Throw in mobile payments tools to cover some of this stuff and the whole process becomes almost seamless, and addresses many common shortcomings of guys in relationships.

An app may well be all guys need to improve on the relationship front, and Hero Boyfriend, along with the power of mobile payments, could be key to the entire process.