EMV- Ben Wyatt

“GoChip” and ID TECH’s EMV Readers Streamline and Accelerate EMV Migration.

March 14, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

ID TECH, known as a leader in payment-peripheral technology on the global scale, and Worldnet are teaming up to offer EMV chip-card acceptance to cloud-based merchants and more.

The certification via the GoChip EMV SDK puts into perspective all of ID TECH’s products that incorporate the ID TECH Common Kernel.

GoChip supports typical POS systems as well as iOS and Android operating systems for mobile and tablet POS merchants. These will become available for Windows Desktop, Apple OS, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 8.1 and Java.

The Woldnet payment solution supports ID TECH’s EMV products, which includes the Augusta, for fixed POS workstations and more. For certain merchants seeking a P2PE validated solution, Worldnet will also support the Augusta S.

“ID TECH is excited about being able to offer EMV End to End certification through Worldnet to our hardware customers.  There is now a simple cost-effective solution for customers looking to take EMV transactions.” – Jason Hall, Product Manager

“The combination of the Worldnet ‘GoChip’ payment solution and ID TECH’s hardware provides merchants with a pre-certified payment path, making the transition to EMV quick, cost effective and seamless. This partnership will yield a fast and efficient solution for key players in the payment industry including ISV’s, retailers, mobile merchants, kiosk operators, and the software delivery community” – John Clarke, Head of Product Innovation, Worldnet.