Amazon’s OverGrowth Means More Seller Capability

March 14, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

I’m fond of shopping with independent sellers on Amazon. Often, they’re a great way to find deals, particularly on used items like video games and DVDs. Some brick-and-mortar sellers have even taken the extra step of offering their goods on Amazon as well, and this has made for some rather noteworthy pieces emerging. It’s not always easy to make the jump from physical to online retail, however, and Amazon’s looking to make it easier with some new tools.

The OverGrowth system, as it’s called, is a new offering from Amazon that provides tools to track and promote business on Amazon, which is a valuable development given the sheer amount of business Amazon does every year, including over 150 million unique visitors per month. Using OverGrowth tools, the smaller businesses on Amazon will be better able to compete.

OverGrowth isn’t just for internal operations; it also provides outreach and promotional tools. OverGrowth users will be able to better track online influencers that are willing to review products to call attention to the businesses in question. It also boasts keyword tracking systems, hijacker protection, and even an autoresponder system for incoming emails to provide a better overall customer experience.

Word from an unidentified OverGrowth spokesperson, found on the site itself, noted “At OverGrowth, we’re Amazon sellers ourselves, and we know the importance of an effective email follow-up campaign. Now we’re proud to say that we’ve built one seriously kick-butt email autoresponder capable of handling every seller from the small to the Fortune 500 alike.”

Good news for all those brick-and-mortar operations expanding into online shopping channels, which has pretty much been recommended practice since there was an online to expand into. Bringing together all these separate facets into one package will likely be a welcome development and encourage use of this system to get the most out of online sales. It can be difficult to distinguish oneself in a crowded online market, and it doesn’t get much more crowded or online than Amazon.

Thus, a system that makes online selling a little easier, and gives mobile shoppers more options than ever to work with, makes the entire system better, and OverGrowth may have positioned itself as the latest seller of shovels in the online retail gold rush.