Payza Integrates with Boleto for Local Payments in Brazil

March 1, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Some BIG news on the horizon for Payza, as they have made headway with a pretty impressive integration announcement.

The company announced recently their integration with Boleto Bancario, one of the most popular solution for invoice payments in Brazil.

They will be working with a local partner in the country, as Payza has introduced Boleto as a funding option for Brazilian users. Payza also made some other interesting news as it has additionally added support for the Brazilian Real, making it easier for customers to hold e-wallet balances in their local currency.

Boleto is considered a national payment method and allows Brazilians to transfer funds online instantly, safely, and at a reasonable rate. It accounts for nearly 23 percent of all online payments in Brazil. The new service devised by Payza called “Add Funds by Boleto” enables users in Brazil to load their e-wallet with the convenient local online payment option and use those funds to complete transactions or send in the local Real.

“Support for Boleto and the Brazilian Real is just the beginning of our plans to bring the convenience of full-service e-commerce support to the people of Brazil,” said Firoz Patel, Payza’s global executive vice president. “In our continued work with our local partners in Brazil, and throughout South America, we are proud to invest further in the local digital economy and to bring greater financial access to all people.”