ATM Golden Anniversary Celebration at ATMIA U.S. Conference in Orlando

February 8, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

To mark the 50-year anniversary of the automated teller machine, ATMIA today announced a number of festivities to be held in conjunction with its annual U.S. conference.

An exhibition of ATM technology, photographs and memorabilia chronicling the history and evolution of ATMs will be on display Feb. 14 to 16, 2017 in the Kingston Ballroom foyer of the Lowes Sapphire Falls at Universal Orlando Resort.

A commemorative coin honoring the ATM’s golden anniversary on one side and ATMIA’s 20-year anniversary on the other will also be displayed. A 50th anniversary resource portal is available online, featuring a fact sheet and an encyclopedia of extreme ATM locations worldwide. Several celebratory receptions and parties are planned throughout the event.

The world’s first ATM made its debut in London in 1967. By the 1980s, these pioneers of self-service banking became widely popular, handling many functions performed previously by bank tellers, including unattended cash withdrawals, check deposits and money transfers between accounts.

Today, fifty years and three million machines later, ATMs continue to deliver new capabilities and convenience, becoming almost virtually as indispensable as computers and mobile phones.  

“The exhibition and conference provides an opportunity not only take a walk down memory lane, but to step into the future to discover how ATMs are evolving to accommodate our increasingly convenience-oriented world with apps, online banking and mobile internet capabilities and more,” said Mike Lee, chief executive officer for ATMIA. “Besides a retrospective look at how ATMs have changed the world, we will celebrate their continuing role and growing importance in the everyday lives of people across the globe,” added Lee. “I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Cardtronics, our ATM golden anniversary sponsor.”