Soldo Launches UK’s Premier Multi-User Expense Account for Businesses

February 17, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Soldo has recently announced the launch of Soldo Business, the UK’s premier multi-user expense account for companies that are looking to control their business expense cycle in the most efficient way possible.

Based on the Mastercard payment network, Soldo Business allows companies to delegate, control, and track company and employee expenses with ease, and in real-time to boot.

It offers clients an account, customizable prepaid cards, an Admin Dashboard, and an app on iOS or Android that allows users to introduce specific transaction info and photos of receipts, integrating with business accounting packages.

This is an entirely new territory in terms of the UK fintech sector. This simple and secure solution enables companies to automate expenses accounting and eliminate the workload required to manage cash advances for employees. This is done through defining usage limits for every member of the company network, keeping strict tabs on every action. Soldo Business gives everyone within the company, everyone from employees to consultants and entire departments, the ability to seamlessly manage their day to day purchasing on an individual basis and streamline the benign task of reporting expenses.

Carlo Gualandri Founder & CEO of Soldo, said: “I am delighted that Soldo is first to market in the UK for a business spending account that offers companies the ability to delegate, control and track company expenses in real time; a service that is currently unavailable to them from traditional banking partners. Soldo Business is not looking to substitute a company’s traditional bank, but give them an easy way to manage their daily cash flow alongside their existing banking set up. Technology has enabled businesses to simplify many aspects of their day to day operations, however, until the launch of Soldo Business, daily cash flow management was still suffering from a lack of innovation.”