Which Companies Have Gone Mobile and Which Are Ready To?

February 15, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

According to several surveys, consumers are ready as ever to engage with contactless payments. Wallet Factory wanted to learn more, and as it turns out, they learned a great deal.

Companies are more actively pursuing mobile options, and considering it a major facet to potential marketing strategies. Today’s mobile wallet industry is not just about payments. Companies are in the business of developing a strong financial tool to be closer to customers.

In addition, they brand the wallets to have advantages—but what does it all mean? How do we proceed?

The present mobile landscape is geared highly toward mobile payments. There isn’t a limit on the places you can go without having mobile options available to you—everywhere from bookstores to coffee shops is serving up mobile payments as a hot dish.

According to the surveys conducted by Wallet Factory, customers would use a mobile wallet more and more if they could just earn subsequent loyalty points or miles with each purchase. This opportunity opens in front of the companies’ wide possibilities to build a network and offer customers essential values.

Beyond loyalty programs, attracting new visitors and saving precious clients, and offering tantalizing proposals from partners are among some of the most noteworthy features of maintaining mobile wallet endeavors.

Some of the advantages of having a mobile wallet with a so-called eco-system include:

-Building wallets under your brand insure you with your own payment system

-Implementing loyalty program that matches your business goals

-A performing online store for mobile commerce

And those are just to name a few.