Oak Labs Announces Launch of Oak Checkout

February 17, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

The San Francisco based retail innovation company Oaklabs had recently unveiled the launch of a cutting-edge new feature for their interactive Oak Mirror called ‘Oak Checkout.’

This announcement regarding the contactless payments feature means shoppers will soon be able to build a digital cart and complete purchases using NFC through the mirror with ease.

In order to keep up to speed with the widely connected, mobile oriented clientele, this unveiling continues the trend of shoppers and sales associates navigating the modern shopping world their way without the hassle of the checkout line.

The feature works with contactless payments from Apple Pay, Android Pay, and most mobile wallet applications. DotDashPay, known as a modern payment platform for retail outlets, also enables the feature.

Oak Labs likes to think of themselves as a retail innovator. Through their simple platform for revolutionizing digital retail experiences in the brick and mortar setting, they set themselves apart from any other merchant serving company.

Getting its start back in 2015 through its founders of eBay’s Retail Innovation division, the team is made up of retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and technology experts.

“Oak Checkout is an important indicator of the future of retail. Adding one-tap checkout within the Oak Mirror means we now ameliorate three of the primary points of friction in the physical retail environment: trying on clothing, requesting new items to try on, and waiting in line to make a purchase,” said Healey Cypher, Oak Labs Co-Founder and CEO. “Waiting, even for just a few minutes, can feel like an eternity in a fitting room or at checkout – the Oak Mirror not only makes the fitting-room experience 40 percent faster, but it now ensures moments of inspiration are immediately shoppable.”