Paysafe Lands Second Place in Glassdoor Best List

December 8, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

A company landing good ratings on Glassdoor can improve its pool of potential applicants, particularly in a tight labor market. Recently, Paysafe—well-known in the field for its payments provision services—sent word our way about a major achievement as it was selected as the second best place to work in Canada.

Ranked number two on the 2018 Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Best Place to Work Canada list, the company placed second only to SAP on the list, though as it turns out the two were tied in terms of overall scoring. Both SAP and Paysafe landed a 4.5 out of 5.

This isn’t Paysafe’s first time on the Glassdoor awards, though it is the first time it showed up in the Best Place to Work listings. Just last year, it scored sixth on the “Highest Rated CEOs” study, giving it two awards in the last two years. One employee, a 25-year veteran of quality assurance, noted that Paysafe was the “best place I’ve worked in my 25 year career.”

Though said employee had only been there less than a year at the time, the employee cited the company’s opportunity for advancement, benefits package, and competitive salary. Paysafe’s own Nick Walker, chief human resources officer, cited employee development programs, reward and recognition programs, and a “strong performance culture” as reasons employees like Paysafe.

Not every review was so effusive; some considered the company “overly political” and others pointed out that some processes were still being developed instead of being used.

It’s so no matter where you go; employees are the people who get the job done. Some firms realize this and work accordingly; other firms are less on the ball about such developments, considering employees to be little more than interchangeable cogs in a greater master plan. The companies that work best with their employees are rewarded with longevity and hard work; employees that feel appreciated put out the best work they’re able at all times as they believe in the operation.

If you see someone who’s been somewhere for more than a year, especially these days, then you know they’re glad to be working where they are. Plenty of places prove that much out, and now, Paysafe has joined the roster.