BOHH Labs Offers Up a Look at 2018 in Cybersecurity

December 18, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Ever since mobile payments really started to be a thing, security has been one of the greatest concerns surrounding the entire concept. Security has therefore become top priority for mobile payments providers, who watch the field waiting for new threats to address. Recently, BOHH Labs sent us a look at what they expect from 2018 in the cybersecurity front, and the news is not that good.

With Gartner already projecting that information services security spending will hit the $93 billion mark as early as 2018, BOHH Labs is putting some more flesh on the early projections and telling us likely directions for upcoming issues.

One of the biggest points BOHH Labs projects is that websites will be target number one. Using the web as a fulcrum, hackers may be able to lever their way into document storage or other backend databases. It’s comparatively easy to stage but difficult to spot such attacks, and that makes website security one of the biggest new priorities.

Chatbots also proved a target on BOHH Labs’ list; though we’ve previously seen that customers are less than happy with them so far, their use will likely continue to catch on, and provide one more potential point of entry for hackers.

Lastly, BOHH Labs notes that the importance of cybersecurity will become so great that even the C-suite will start to get involved. Security will actually become a business priority, not just an IT priority, with the arrival of 2018. BOHH Labs even projects that the NASDAQ itself will step in, advising more companies to put cybersecurity experts on the board.

Some very heavy predictions here, many of which are likely to come to pass. Cybersecurity has been an important part of the web since the web was created, and for mobile payments users, this point is no different. We all want to make payments and shop knowing that such activities are reasonably safe, and if we didn’t believe that, we likely wouldn’t do it at all.

No one knows just what 2018 will bring, but one thing is clear: there will be plenty more going on in mobile payments. Mobile payments security is just part—though a big part—of the larger picture.