BlueSnap Users Find Greater Black Friday Sales Figures

December 1, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

We talk a lot about who “won” Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the like, and not without reason. After all, seeing who came out ahead in sales figures is generally a good way to tell what to do in the future. One unusual development recently emerged from BlueSnap, who revealed that those companies using its mobile wallet system saw substantial gains in sales over the period.

The word from BlueSnap noted a 115 percent increase in Black Friday sales for its users as compared to the same time last year. Cyber Monday saw a near-identical 114 percent increase, and even Thanksgiving proper saw a 61 percent hike. Total mobile payments used for BlueSnap users were up 115 percent on Thanksgiving, 150 percent on Black Friday, and 147 percent on Cyber Monday in the United States. United Kingdom users, meanwhile, saw gains, if not so pronounced; Thanksgiving gains were up 15 percent, Black Friday gains up 99 percent, and Cyber Monday gains up 86 percent.

BlueSnap features an all-in-one payment platform which supports shopping cards from Xcart, 3D Cart, Magento and several others, and even offers a global network of over 20 banks, which improves the chances that BlueSnap is usable somewhere near you. It also took home honors from The Silicon Review, which called it one of the 50 Smartest Companies of the Year for 2017.

It would be easy here to say that having BlueSnap in your corner means higher sales, and to a certain extent that’s likely the case. However, it’s important to point out that Black Friday and Cyber Monday were record-breaking sales events in their own right. As the New England Council chamber of commerce noted in a sentiment that would be frequently borrowed by no less than John F. Kennedy, a rising tide lifts all boats. Basically, when overall spending is increased, it stands to reason that most stores will have a share. It will vary from place to place—just ask the stores that saw lower Black Friday foot traffic—but generally, more spending means everyone improves.

Not to take anything away from BlueSnap customers here, but they’ve just seen the rising tide lift their boats. They certainly helped by offering mobile payments options to customers, but the gains are at least part attributable to environment.