Amazon, (Red) Team Up For Holiday Shopping

November 27, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

While many spent Thanksgiving weekend feeding, fighting, or shopping—sometimes two or three of those in the same span—Amazon and (Red) got together on a special campaign to help fight the spread of AIDS worldwide. Not only did the effort mean exclusive content and new shopping options, but it also meant a donation of $10 to the Global Fund for ever (Red) Echo sold.

The effort brought some fairly major names into play, including Tyra Banks, DJ Khaled, Neil Patrick Harris and several others to produce lists of (Red) products that were meant as gifts, either incoming or outgoing. Plus, Bank of America—official payment provider of (Shopathon)Red—will kick in an extra $0.30 for every dollar spent on (Red) on Amazon until December 31, or until the total reaches $1.5 million, whichever comes first. This includes such releases as the (Red) Amazon Echo system and several others.

Additionally, the main program between Amazon and (Red) alone will be running through “the end of December,” so it’s a safe bet that it’ll match Bank of America’s match period and go clear to New Year’s Eve.

(Red) CEO Deborah Dugan commented “Our collaboration with Amazon will make the gift of giving more impactful than ever before. I’m so grateful to the incredible team at Amazon who have made our ambitions of turning the holidays ‘(RED)’ a reality. Together with their enormous customer base, Amazon is helping to ensure lifesaving HIV/AIDS services are being delivered to communities most in need.”

It’s hard to fault something like this; taking Americans’ own natural predisposition to take advantage of a long weekend to get some Christmas shopping done to bolster a charitable cause. It might well encourage some shoppers to buy things they might not ordinarily have bought to take advantage of the “halo effect” that comes with donation like that. Basically, people would be shopping, and figure, hey, if I buy that whatever it is, I also help fight AIDS / fight cancer / feed people / whatever.

That’s a hard call to resist, and when backed up with celebrities and original content, the end result should be a positive one for Amazon, (Red), Bank of America, and the AIDS patients involved.