Paying for Flights in Africa Simpler With Zapper, FlySafair

November 14, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Flying these days has turned from a grand adventure into a gauntlet of the grotesque. From the tortuous processes inflicted on travelers by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) at airports to the less-than-accommodating policies of airlines themselves, flying isn’t a simple process. However, some points are emerging to simplify flying, demonstrated by a recent agreement between mobile payments firm Zapper and FlySafair.

The two firms have come together to make it easier for travelers in South Africa to pay for flights using a mobile payments system. With this in place, passengers will be able to use the Zapper mobile payments app to pay for tickets online, or even right at the airline’s sales desk by simply scanning a quick response (QR) code.

With such a move, customers can use the payment information already logged within the mobile app to complete the necessary forms for air travel, saving a few steps in the longer overall process. It’s said to be the first time an air carrier has brought Zapper mobile payments into the process, and may well market the beginning of several other airlines following suit. That would be good news for Zapper as well, who has been looking to stretch its capacity beyond where it’s currently seen, in hospitality, retail and bill payment options.

FlySafair’s head of IT and innovation Eswee Vorster commented “By introducing Zapper as an additional payment method, we provide our customers more options and greater flexibility. Zapper is a good fit in driving FlySafair’s strategy to become the most innovative airline in the country – driven by leading edge technology trends and seamless user behavior.”

It’s not a bad idea at all; using a mobile payments system would likely help streamline at least some of the processes involved in buying tickets. A smoother buying process does reduce time taken and helps improve the customer experience, which in turn prompts the customer to come back for that quality customer experience provided.

It’s not clear just how adaptable such a practice would be outside of South Africa—or if it would really be that much of an improvement given how many problems of air travel aren’t related to the payment process at all—but every little bit helps. It’s gratifying to see mobile payments lead the way here.