New Team Up Brings BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse Together with Grubhub

October 20, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Catching a meal on the go is a tall order these days sometimes, and even worse if you want it delivered. It’s not always even an option, but it’s getting easier thanks to a string of mobile developments. One of the latest features Grubhub and BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse, who together started a new partnership to produce rapid ordering of quality, fast-casual food.

The partnership isn’t exactly universal; reports note that many of the states with BJ’s Restaurants found therein will be able to place orders for their favorites from Grubhub, and the services are only available at 100 BJ’s locations throughout the United States. Customers who qualify will be able to order through either desktop or mobile apps, and the dishes ordered will be delivered up via Grubhub operations. It also expands the potential for corporate catering.

Grubhub has been ramping up its operations for some time now, having recently embarked on a partnership with Groupon that allows those using Groupon to buy food to have Grubhub handle the delivery.

It’s unclear why the Grubhub / BJ’s partnership seems somewhat limited. After all, reports suggest that there are 192 BJ’s locations, so why are just under half of these locations dark? Perhaps it’s the nature of BJ’s operations; there are actually several different breeds of BJ’s. There’s the Restaurant and Brewhouse, but there’s also the BJ’s Pizza and Grill and the BJ’s Restaurant and Brewery, which actually has—as the name suggests—a brewery on premises.

If this expansion is strictly limited to the BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse, then that might explain why almost half of the locations aren’t involved; half of them just plain aren’t BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse. That could have something to do with it, but it almost seems like quibbling over a comparatively minor detail.

Still, for those who have a BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse in Grubhub range, the news will be quite welcome, and should allow some folks to have one more option for dinner one night.