CES 2017: Concardis Automotive Marketplace Means New Options for Drivers

January 9, 2017         By: Steven Anderson

Admittedly, the idea of making payments for things directly from your car isn’t exactly new. It’s been fairly widely recognized as a great idea, particularly at gas stations or drive-thru windows. What if it were even larger, and more widespread?

That’s a question that Concardis is asking at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) event, and is being answered with its new Automotive Marketplace.

Automotive Marketplace is still in its early stages, reports note, but essentially, the system will allow users to serve as their own delivery service, making purchases from a car and arranging for those purchases to be picked up without having to actually get out of the car and take out a wallet.

The system will be able to save wish lists, of sorts, and allow the driver to add lists later. The system can then compare that information against information about area merchants and stock, and then notify the driver that he or she happens to be on a street that has something on that desired list. Then purchases can be made accordingly, and the driving shopper can pick up the item at leisure.

It’s essentially a clever combination of an online and a brick-and-mortar shopping experience. Instead of going into every store, the driving shopper can effectively shop online, and instead of waiting for shipments, shoppers can pick up their items. It’s a great mix of convenience and immediacy, and one that should make for a real winner long term.

When you’re talking about a platform that so impressively splits the difference between online and physical shopping, it’s a point that needs to be considered. Naturally, there are some issues here; it’s a safe bet that a lot of retailers won’t be set up for this when it first comes out, so there will likely be a substantial learning curve involved in this system.

The good news is that it’s also likely the kind of thing that will only improve the farther along it goes, which means that not being an early adopter here will be rewarded with a better, more stable platform with more choices.

Still, it’s an exciting idea, and one that Concardis should be happy to show off at CES this year.