Wix.com Integrates with Square

January 10, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

Wix.com Ltd. today announced its integration with Square to give Wix merchants and entrepreneurs in North America a new way to accept online and in-person credit card payments.

Wix’s Square integration improves payment processing and allows both online and in-person payments, via mobile device based POS. Any online Wix Store can become a physical store instantly via the Wix App, which automatically and fully syncs the POS with the Wix online catalog and inventory. Wix is aiming to expand the relationship across verticals, including Wix Bookings, over the coming months.

“We are constantly enhancing our ecommerce experience for our subscribers and their shoppers. We know that for small businesses both ecommerce and mobile functionality are crucial,” said David Schwartz, VP of ecommerce, at Wix. “Growth of our ecommerce and transaction-enabled subscriptions continues to exceed our overall subscriptions growth, highlighting our broad reach with small businesses. Today, Wix manages more than 305,000 ecommerce subscriptions globally. Now, by integrating the Wix App with the Square POS, users can accept payments in any location.”

The Square integration builds on many of the most popular and powerful features of Wix Stores: a stunning website, easily created using Wix’s drag and drop Editor and powerful, easy to setup ecommerce functionality such as order management, promotional tools, customizable tax and shipping rules, and 24/7 support.

Now Wix merchants have even more POS options with the addition of Square. New users can create a stunning Wix Store and, with a few clicks, manage the store and its catalog on the Wix App with the ability to accept payments online or in-person with Square.

Existing subscribers can add Square as an available payment option. Once subscribers complete a quick onboarding process via a secure website, the subscriber will be able to receive payments from major credit cards.

Since the Wix App is an extension of the online store, everything is synced, and merchants can manage their catalog from the Wix mobile app.

“Wix allows any seller to run an omnichannel business,” said Pankaj Bengani, Square’s Partnerships Lead. “By integrating with Square, businesses can track sales data and manage inventory both online and in-person in one place, making it easier to make smart decisions to grow their business.”