Viewpost Dynamic Discounting Delivers Risk-Free, Double-Digit Returns to Businesses

September 13, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Viewpost, the secure B2B network for invoicing, payments and real-time cash management, recently announced a powerful addition of supplier-originated early payment request capabilities with updates to its built-in ViewPost Express dynamic discounting engine.

Viewpost Express is known as a unique cash management solution that enables suppliers and buyers to work together on early payments and discounts in real-time over the Viewpost network.

In exchange for a time-adjusted discount, Viewpost Express offers customers with a cash surplus or access to low-cost capital the ability to offer early payments.

Launched back in 2015, Viewpost Express has experiences an increase in early payment volume with demand stemming for all market segments.

Some of the recent updates give suppliers the ability to request early payment from any buyer, this meaning inside or outside of the Viewpost network, giving them quick and minimal-risk access to working capital they can choose to reinvest in their business to encourage growth.

“The insight behind our effort to eliminate friction and optimize working capital within B2B transactions comes from more than two decades in the invoicing, payment and credit industries,” said Max Eliscu, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Viewpost. “Lack of visibility into how, when and if they’ll be paid is a primary frustration for business owners on the supply side, compounded by inability to access the cash tied up in their unpaid invoices. Surprisingly, the problem isn’t one sided. Transactional friction and inefficiency handcuff cash-rich buyers, preventing them from paying suppliers on demand to both their benefit. Our dynamic discounting solution democratizes access to working capital for those in need, while creating above-average returns for those with excess.”