Good News for Chinese Students in the U.S., Mastercard Has Their Backs

August 10, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Mastercard right now is offering cardholders in China the ability to use local credit and debit cards to pay U.S. tuitions and other costs through a first ever online payment service found at

Designed specifically with Chinese students studying abroad in mind, the site addresses international payment difficulties, including limited payment methods and currency exchange

Believe or not, many U.S. schools only accept payment via check or electronic bank transfer which can be difficult to manage internationally.

Many times, Chinese students studying abroad run into logistic challenges when trying to pay their tuition in the U.S. due to the volume of Chinese choosing the country.

Mastercard teamed up with Plastiq, an online payment service company, in order to create the site for its cardholders.

Not like other similar solutions, Plastiq processes cards and sends payments in forms already accepted by recipients.

“Parents and students can send tuition and other payments globally with peace of mind as their money is protected by the safety and security of the Mastercard network and delivered to this site powered by Plastiq and Planet Payment,” said Linda Kirkpatrick, executive vice president, U.S. Market Development, Mastercard. “Our new alliance with these two companies supports the Mastercard objective of making payments smart, simple and safe.”

“Tuition is one of the most impactful payments you will make in life. It’s a bill that directly contributes to the well-being of your child, and you should have the choice to pay it with your Mastercard-branded card,” said Eliot Buchanan, co-founder and CEO of Plastiq. “With Plastiq, even if a school doesn’t accept credit cards, you can still use your Mastercard card to pay the tuition. In fact, Plastiq gives you the freedom to pay any bill using your favorite card, so that life’s important payments are on your terms.”