Drinks Anyone? DoorDash Steps Up its Delivery Options With A Key Addition

DoorDash had already made a name for itself as a food delivery app, but there was something missing, something important that the company recently moved to add as part of a pilot program in several California locations.

Now, DoorDash doesn’t only deliver food from a mobile device, it also delivers alcohol.

The pilot program in question is set up in Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego, allowing DoorDash to tap its full range of connections with various restaurants and some breweries.

Users in those areas will have the ability to select beer or wine with a meal delivery, at least from certain locations.

What’s more, DoorDash has also set up some partnership arrangements with a few breweries and even liquor stores outright to get various bottles and even growlers added to the mix.

The obvious concern, of course, is age, but DoorDash insists all of its delivery drivers are old enough to drink anyway, and it also has some plans to vet purchasers using the app as well.

A new payment process has also been added in, reports note, and the business selling the alcohol is the seller of record, meaning that DoorDash is just a delivery middleman and doesn’t itself need a liquor license.

If it works out well, plans to expand are already on the table.

This is an excellent idea, and the kind of thing that would go even better with drone delivery.

We saw that much not so long ago on an episode of “The Simpsons” in which Homer ordered beer directly from Amazon, which was then brought into his house via an open window.

Admittedly, it might not work so well for a keg, but a romantic dinner for two, complete with champagne, could be sent nearly anywhere using much the same technology that keeps a pizza warm. It’s an automatic picnic for two, available from anywhere to anywhere, and if the regulations would get out of the way, we could have that right now.

Still, we’re seeing advancements, and that’s good. A day may come when we can have just about any meal delivered right to use from about a 30 mile radius or so, and when that day comes, many of us simply won’t leave the house ever again.

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