Vantiv Launches All-in-One Developer Network for Efficient Payments Integration

July 25, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Vantiv has announced the launch of Vantiv O.N.E., or One Network Experience, in order to provide software developers a best-in-class destination for integrating payments into their applications for mobile, in-store and online processing.

Vantiv O.N.E. is meant to combine Vantiv’s leadership in integrated payments and industry leading scale of its processing platform, to enable software developers to get their applications to market faster, make compliance and security easier, and help navigate innovation in the rapidly complex market for omni-channel commerce solutions.

Vantiv O.N.E., designed around an expansive ecosystem payments philosophy, offers a single destination for key integration tools, personalized payments expertise and a unique community of developers.

“The rapid pace of change in payments has resulted in increasing complexities for developers, inhibiting speed to market and innovation,” said Jordan McKee, senior analyst of payments at 451 Research. “Vantiv O.N.E. is well positioned to help developers address their evolving commerce needs by streamlining payment integration through centralized and scalable omni-channel payment processing resources.”

The brand new developer network provides three essential value-added features, of which include:

  • TechTools– a comprehensive suite of integration tools, all in one place so that developers don’t have to hunt for these critical resources. These tools include Vantiv’s APIs and SDKs (with documentation), sample code, dev sandboxes, and test environments, which allow developers to integrate across payment types, including brick-and-mortar, card-not-present, mobile, etc.
  • TechLift– the one place for personalized payments expertise, guidance and hands-on help, including access to work with a dedicated payments integration expert. As part of TechLift, Vantiv also operates a special Innovation Lab where developers can physically visit and get the help they need to build payments functionality right on site.
  • TechTribe– a developer community that provides a single place to learn, get inspired, and connect with fellow developers by sharing experiences and solutions. Because of the complexity of payments integration, developers need more than just tools and documentation, and TechTribe helps provide that kinship.

“Vantiv helps minimize the complexity of payment integration,” said Viren Balar, co-founder and chief technology officer at Ziosk, the maker of the world’s first ordering, entertainment and pay-at-the table tablet serving more than 50 million guests each month in casual dining restaurants. “At a single destination, Vantiv O.N.E., our developers can access the resources to integrate existing and emerging payment methods, support for our Ziosk device, and support for any channel in all the popular coding languages. It’s truly a comprehensive solution powered by an open ecosystem approach that is unique to Vantiv.”