World’s Finest Hybrid E-Commerce Book Club Introduces Disruptive Model for Online Shopping

June 20, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

The expansive intersections of social media and e-commerce are a prominent trend in 2016, with a Marketing Think survey showing 81 percent of purchase decision makers using online communities to make their choices.

As a result of this trend, Ken Dunn is attempting to take full advantage. As the creator of, a new, blossoming website that truly represents the concept of disruption has entered the fold. is changing the e-commerce space as the world’s hybrid bookstore and author/reader community.

The website combines the two most significant consumer trends of social media and consumer demands for revolutionary online shopping.

“We wanted to break the mold and be a global leader for the next generation of e-commerce,” said CEO and founder Ken Dunn. “We are giving consumers a shopping transaction secondary to the experience of the community of authors and book lovers on the website.

Every other e-commerce website is transaction-oriented only. There’s no framework for a high level of social media engagement to chat, talk, follow and meet other people.” is a home and community for readers and writers alike, giving users the opportunity to perform routine interactions like posting reviews, following authors, perusing reader libraries, and purchasing and building their own personal library,

“Illiteracy is still a huge problem, globally and in the U.S., as well as my home country of Canada,” Dunn said.  “As publishers, we’re in a position to help solve the problem, and we found an easy way to contribute while involving people worldwide.”

A noble pursuit indeed, a refreshing blend of high-end e-commerce blended with a good cause. Gaining easy access to books though services such as these is the first step in cutting down illiteracy.