Blockchain Firm Wins EU Fintech Award

May 5, 2016         By: Ryan Kennedy

With the expansion of the financial technology sector, organizations are launching competitions and awards to help recognize some of the leading innovators of the young industry.

The European FinTech Awards is an organization that aims to disrupt traditional financial intuitions by providing a platform for fintech entrepreneurs to collaborate with one another.

The organization also gives out awards for innovation in several different categories.

Last month, the Netherlands-based team at I/O Digital won the blockchain award from the European FinTech Awards.

The Dutch team started back in 2014 with their first product I/O Coin, a digital cryptocurrency, and their Proof of Stake Blockchain network.

The company has since grown from a startup into a fully-fledged company offering blockchain solutions. I/O Digital focuses mostly on back-end tenchology and business services, hoping to provide the industry standard for decentralized blockchain security for financial services.

The European FinTech Awards looks at firms that are the best of the best. Firms that have not only brought ground-breaking ideas to market, but those that have done it better, faster and more efficient than all others.

Winning an award through the European Fintech Awards may help I/O Digital acquire further partnerships and secure its place at the top of the European blockchain industry.

“Winning the FinTech awards and our restructuring for the future since January 2016 on the I/O Digital project has got a lot of extra attention,” said CEO Joel Bosh.