Provenir Now Integrated with Salesforce

May 18, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Provenir, a provider of risk analytics and decisioning solutions, made the announcement recently regarding the integration of its platform with Salesforce.

The integration will allow the improvement of complex credit decisioning processes with increased transparency across all platforms.

Companies that use Salesforce for their customer relationship management will now connect to Provenir’s platform to run automated risk analytics and decisioning for credit and loan applications.

In addition, it will also serve mobile payments and e-commerce transactions—all right within the Salesforce environments.

The issue prompting this improvement is the frequency of which slow and inefficient manual processes taint risk analytics and decisioning processes.

Banks, card issuers, and some fintech disruptors spend many hours performing credit checks, risk scoring, and due diligence processes on legacy systems.

This practice services to make the process ever more complex, and also usually requires the duplication of customer data—which neither saves time or reduces errors, the exact opposite in fact.

By way of this integration, Provenir’s risk platform interacts directly with Salesforce for a real-time and seamless risk analytics and decisioning processing experience.

“To manage the full credit and risk lifecycle, companies need to integrate with service bureaus, internal and external databases, risk models and CRM systems. At Provenir, we provide an orchestration hub that is truly agnostic to any technology, database, data service or risk model. With that, we can help clients automate and move towards instantaneous risk decisioning and provide a real-time experience to their customers,” said Paul Thomas, Managing Director, Provenir.

It looks like Provenir is set out to make risk analytics and decisioning processes a much less complex endeavor, and their platform promises to deliver exactly that.