Breezeworks and Square Team Up to Offer Instantaneous Payments for Mobile Pros

May 18, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

On May 12, 2016 it was announced that Breezeworks, one of the leaders in all-in-one business management platform for independent service business, would be adding the highly regarded financial services platform, Square to its operations.

It will serve as an integrated payment processing option for Breezeworks, and it looks as if this pairing came to fruition just in time.

Now as one of the best apps available on the Square App Marketplace, Breezeworks can now be connected to any business banking account to instantly accept payments from the field or online.

“Every contractor wants to be paid for their work, but speed of payment is also critical for maximizing business efficiencies and profits,” explains Matthew Cowan, CEO of Breezeworks. “Square has set a new bar for electronic payment processing, with an excellent product, advanced features and unparalleled speed and reliability. Square’s vast network of customers now has easy access to Breezeworks’ array of cutting edge business management tools with which to further streamline their operations and make more money!”

Every aspect of Breezeworks system is deeply integrated with the Square platform, this includes billing, invoicing, and accounting.

Newcomers to the app are able to connect to the Breezeworks app directly from the Square app marketplace.

Most mobile contracting businesses have made Square an option within the Breezeworks system for sending invoices and collecting payments instantaneously from any locale. This serves to make their billing operation more “agile, organized, and efficient.”

“Our primary mission at Breezeworks is to provide technology-based tools that help our customer’s businesses prosper and grow,” said Adam Block, Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Breezeworks. “With QuickBooks handling accounting chores, Square offered as an additional payment processing option and the Breezeworks platform managing work flow and customer contact, our customers now have best-in-class tools for every aspect of their businesses.”

Breezeworks looks to be on the rise at the present time, with its rapid growth becoming obvious starting back in mid-2015.

They consistently proved a monthly growth in revenue as well as job creation of 30% and 40% respectively.