ONE UP Business Users Can Now Accept Payments with PayStand’s Low Cost Payment Service

March 3, 2016         By: Asif Imtiaz

Business to business payments company PayStand has partnered with ONE UP to enable ONE UP business users to accept online payments.

ONE UP is an established and fast growing app that offers integrated accounting, inventory, invoicing and CRM for small businesses.

PayStand announced the news to provide ONE UP the needed backend for adding an online payment service to their suite in a press release yesterday, which outlined that more than 335,000 business users of ONE UP would greatly benefit from the new service.

While ONE UP customers will enjoy a seamless integrated payment solution, it would also strengthen PayStand as a provider of secure cloud based business to business payment services, apparently making it a win-win deal for both companies.

Commenting on the partnership with PayStand, Francois Nadal, the founder and current Chief Executive Officer of ONE UP, noted that they have “spent a lot of time looking for a payment platform that would integrate easily and seamlessly” into their application and offer their “business users the lowest possible rates.”

“With PayStand we found everything we were looking for,” he said.

On the other hand, the CEO of PayStand, Jeremy Almond, mentioned the partnership as a “great opportunity,” and a “great validation of the reliability, scalability and security” of their platform.

Initially, ONE UP is going to offer two types of B2B payment service plan for business users in their application. With the “Starter Plan” users would not have to pay any monthly fees, while the “Standard Plan” would require users to pay only $10 per month fee. However, with the “Standard Plan” businesses can start accepting credit cards at a reasonable rate of 2.49%.

Businesses that need to process a high volume of card transactions every month should look into the Standard Plan, as it would significantly lower their overhead costs.

Furthermore, PayStand will also offer businesses the option to accept eCheck payments, which is offered at a very low fee of only 0.49% via the ONE UP suite. eChecks have gained tremendous popularity among businesses who needs know and trust their business partners and needs to process large amount of recurring payment. Compared to credit card, eCheck processing fee is almost a steal.