Cheesecake Factory Taps MyCheck to Drive CakePay Solution

March 25, 2016         By: Steven Anderson

Even when cheesecake isn’t particularly good—runny, sour-flavored or the like—it’s still pretty good.

A good slice of cheesecake, meanwhile, can put a shine on even the worst day.

The Cheesecake Factory’s specialty is cheesecake, as the name would suggest, but there’s a lot more than cheesecake going on here. Pizzas, hamburgers, small plate appetizers…and now, thanks to a new connection with MyCheck, a new way to pay for it all as well.

With CakePay, users get several useful options, including the ability to view a check from a smartphone, as well as pay that check and split it up as need be.

CakePay will be available to users starting in April, and works comparatively simply. Guests first check in at a particular Cheesecake Factory location, and then hand over a four-digit code to a server once the order is taken.

The server enters the order, along with the four digit code. From there, the guests can carry on as need be, and engage in their pick of options.

Eating out can be pleasant, but sometimes it can get in its own way. Having to wait at various points along the way for a system to take hold can be irksome for diners, so streamlining the process not only makes the diner’s experience better, it also improves turnover for the restaurant, freeing up tables for more diners to enter.

It’s essentially a win-win situation, as it improves the experience on all sides.

That also makes the diner more likely to come back later, having enjoyed the experience last time with the app to speed things along.

It’s a bit of a surprise that they didn’t go as far as they could with it, allowing users to even pre-order meals.

Given the nature of the menu, though, some things might not pre-order so well; wouldn’t want to order a pizza in advance and have it sit under heat lamps because you’re five or 10 minutes late.

CakePay should represent a winner for Cheesecake Factory, and for its diners looking for a nice slice of cheesecake to cap off an evening or a complete meal.

It will be just a bit easier to get through the process, and a smoother path to cheesecake is seldom one that goes awry.