Reuters Partnering with Hong Kong Fintech Accelerator

March 15, 2016         By: Ryan Kennedy

In a stunning move, financial media giant Thomson Reuters announced a partnership with Hong Kong-based financial technology accelerator SuperCharger last week.

The Asia Pacific accelerator claims to be the first of its kind in Hong Kong, a city that is poised to become a major player in the global fintech sector.

The move by Reuters gives SuperCharger some major backing, considering Reuters prestige in the financial industry.

The program offered by the SuperCharger accelerator includes helping young companies off the ground, mentoring, industry resources and connections and regulatory guidance.

The new deal will see Reuters join the mentorship program to help guide young firms and entrepreneurs wishing to enter the Asia Pacific fintech scene.

Reuters will also help act as an intermediary between young companies looking for partnerships.

The SuperCharger accelerator and Reuters hailed the partnership and the perfect tool to help them expand further into the Asia Pacific.

“Hong Kong continues to be a leading and dynamic FinTech hub in Asia Pacific. By opening Thomson Reuters technology, tools and services to FinTechs. We aim to foster sustained, ongoing innovation to allow us to be pivotal in this industry’s transformation. The SuperCharger accelerator program provides a perfect opportunity for us to do that,” said Gautam Verma, a member of Thomson Reuters FinTech Task Force.