GlobalPlatform Publishes New White Paper to Simplify Deployment of Contactless Payment

February 8, 2016         By: Asif Imtiaz

GlobalPlatform has published a white paper that offers a detailed framework which would help deploy a service offered by the industry association using near field communication (NFC) enabled mobile devices.

The white paper titled “End-to-End Simplified Service Management Framework: Streamlining Payment Service Management Using GlobalPlatform Technologies” would provide a broad template for relevant specifications from both GlobalPlatform and some of the other industry organizations currently working to create a standardized specifications for contactless payment using the NFC technology.

GlobalPlatform released a press release confirming that the white paper would help service providers to “retain both functionality and security of the deployment,” if they follow the End-to-End Simplified Framework specified in the document. The white paper also educates readers about how to use the framework, the press release claimed.

Commenting on publishing the simplified service management white paper, GlobalPlatform’s Technical Director Gil Bernabeu said that his organization has “published this paper to promote more widespread understanding of the End-to-End Simplified Framework and how it can be used now to speed up NFC contactless payment deployments.”

“Specifically, we want to raise awareness of the value it can deliver as a new type of implementation guide designed to support product managers, system architects and other requirements owners, who may be new to GlobalPlatform yet looking for a simple way to implement an end-to-end solution for NFC contactless payment applications for mobile devices,” he said.

He also pointed out that while the initial focus of this paper would be contactless payment, GlobalPlatform would work closely with industry participants to expand the framework in order to cover “other verticals.”

The press release from GlobalPlatform claimed that besides introducing their architecture and describing the objectives and benefits of the End-to-End Simplified Framework, the document would also help readers better understand how to use the E2E Simplified Framework. In addition, it would define the project phases to consider while deploying a contactless payment system using the NFC technology.