Girl Scouts: Want to Sell More Cookies? Think Mobile Payments.

February 23, 2016         By: Steven Anderson

Girl Scouts attempting to sell cookies these days have seen better days.

A general malaise in the economy coupled with less spending, backed up by fake Girl Scout cookies roaming around the stores and recipes for mimics online, makes it tough to sell the cookies everyone once loved.

A new development noted by Sage, however, shows that one tactic seems to be making a big difference in cookie sales: the use of mobile payments tools.

For 30 Girl Scout councils, and over 3,800 troops in the United States, the use of Sage Mobile Payments seems to be producing some new value for Girl Scouts.

Scouts using Sage are averaging five boxes per transaction, which is up from four boxes per transaction in 2014.

The chief customer experience officer with Girl Scouts Louisiana East in New Orleans, Alisha Moore, noted that, since many people don’t carry cash or checks as part of everyday life, having mobile payments tools on hand allows users to turn to credit cards instead.

This gives the girls, Moore notes, a chance to handle a new technology and learn about new sales techniques that put the technology to work. Troop leaders, meanwhile, get a healthy new revenue stream going directly into the troop’s accounts, as well as daily reports documenting the relevant deposits made.

On a certain level, Sage Mobile Payments makes a point here. Being able to offer a mobile payment system as a means to get more business is a reasonable idea no matter what field of endeavor one’s in; it’s not just for Girl Scouts any more.

While it’s important to keep cash and checks as options for users—not to mention maybe post-paid billing—having mobile payments tools in the toolbox can really only help matters.

It comes down to the notion of customer experience; providing the customer with what they want from start to finish—from multiple payment options to fast delivery—is a fairly sure way toward higher sales.

It’s not foolproof, of course, but rather depends on having all the other points of a good customer experience in place. In the end, though, having mobile payments tools can be a big help in making sales that might not have been made without.