Bizfi Hits $2B Origination Milestone

December 22, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

BizfiLogo (1)The marketplace was launched in 2015 to provide small business owners with access to multiple financing options from more than 45 lending partners. These financing options include short-term financing, franchise financing, lines of credit, equipment financing, medical financing, invoice financing, medium-term loans and long-term loans guaranteed by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

“Over eleven years ago, when Bizfi became one of the first alternative finance lenders, we understood that if we remained committed to the principle of providing business owners with fast access to smart capital, we could achieve growth while supporting the number one job engine in the economy,” said Stephen Sheinbaum, founder, Bizfi. “During the last decade we have invested in creating the best platform and user experience with the most advanced technology to ensure business owners can access the financing they need. Hitting this milestone reinforces that our business fundamentals are strong and we are providing a much needed service in this growing economy.”

“Every dollar we provide to a small business owner returns multiples of GDP,” said John Donovan, CEO of Bizfi. “Being able to support the small business community is at the heart of our company. We believe there is tremendous opportunity to grow our marketplace offerings.  We have funded over 35,000 small businesses and we look forward to greatly expanding that number.”

Donovan continued, “One of the key reasons why I joined Bizfi as its Chief Executive Officer was its growth trajectory. In just two years, the company has gone from supplying $1B to small businesses to $2B. This is a testament to our unique business model of providing both a financial product and a marketplace.”