Betcade’s Betcade Play Offers New Gambling Options

December 16, 2016         By: Steven Anderson

Depending on who you ask, gambling is either a fun recreational activity sometimes resulting in the loss of your house or a sin so vile that even recreational cannibals will look askance at its practitioners.

For those whose opinion falls somewhere in the middle, Betcade may have a new option for you to put mobile payments to work when gambling: Betcade Pay.

Betcade Pay is specifically geared toward the Android operating system, and is specifically designed to be sufficiently secure for users to put to use properly, while also making sure it’s easy enough to actually use.

Reports suggest that Betcade Pay requires “the fewest number of steps to make a deposit of any solution available on the market today,” which is a pretty impressive claim given how many steps can be required in some of these apps.

Meanwhile, those wanting to accept Betcade Pay in a gambling operation can do so via a software development kit (SDK) that makes it easy to add the service to a current operation. Betcade Pay is set to start working in the first quarter of 2017, taking both Visa and Mastercard payments from UK consumers and potentially expanding outward from there.

Betcade CEO David Chang commented “Not only will it help facilitate payments for both operators and users, Betcade Pay will help drive higher KPIs as well as offer competitive pricing structures for operators the world over.”

Those looking for a new alternative in gambling that’s easy to use should be fairly happy with this one; there’s little reason not to be since it combines ease of use and high security in one package.

Though the total range of use is somewhat limited, since it only seems to be available in the UK, it will still be a welcome addition. Gambling laws are different all over, but making paying for gambling as easy as a contactless payment solution would likely be fairly welcome to most any casino operation.

It’s interesting to see how mobile payments are interacting with long-time established industries, and there are few such industries that go back as far as gambling. Still, gamblers should be quite excited to see the new choices in Betcade Pay, and be prepared to get the most out of it.