Kount Announces Relaunch of Kount Central

November 30, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Kount Inc., a leading innovator of solutions for fraud and risk management, today announced the launch of Kount Central, a comprehensive fraud protection suite for online payment processors, payment gateways, hosted payment pages, and ecommerce platforms.

Kount Central was developed to protect both the payment service provider and their entire merchant portfolio, while offering new, value-added services and additional revenue streams, including the ability to continuously monitor and react to changing risk levels for each merchant and each transaction processed.

“We developed Kount Central as a way to protect all parties across the entire payment ecosystem, including the payment service provider and their entire merchant portfolio,” said Don Bush, VP of Marketing at Kount. “Every organization in the payments approval and acceptance stream needs a comprehensive level of protection against the ever growing fraud risk. With Kount Central, everyone is protected — from the payment service provider to very largest, highest volume customers to the smallest long-tail merchants.”

Kount Central offers a comprehensive fraud mitigation suite so online payment providers can offer fraud protection to a subset of online merchants or to their entire portfolio.

“Through the use of Kount Central, our business has doubled while the chargeback rate for our merchants has declined 500 percent,” said John Johansen, Fraud Manager, BlueSnap. “Kount has transformed the way we work with our customers, providing an extra layer of protection for BlueSnap and our network of merchants.”