Dataiku and Cloudwick Announce Technology Partnership to Improve Cybersecurity

October 3, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Cloudwick, the leading open source services and solutions provider, has announced recently a technology partnership with advanced analytics software maker, Dataiku, to advance cybersecurity.

Cloudwick also has launched its Cloudwick Data Analytics Platform for Cybersecurity. Together with Dataiku Data Science Studio, the platform enables teams to explore, prototype, build, and deliver their own data-driven solutions, including threat analysis, reporting, and more.

CDAP is a managed cybersecurity data hub platform that ingests and files countless events from PCAP, Netflow, Proxy, IDS/IPS logs, syslog, and firewall logs for advanced cybersecurity.

CDAP has the honor of being the first big data cybersecurity platform to provide complete threat visibility, replay and analysis for Security Operations Center analyst, forensic analyst, and data scientist.

“Today’s cybersecurity solutions lack the capabilities required to provide complete cyber threat visibility, data democratization for IDS, IPS, SIEM and advanced analytics due to ingestion, compute and storage limitations,” said Mani Chhabra, Cloudwick CEO. “CDAP modernizes enterprise and service provider cybersecurity and provides a new level for threat detection and prevention.”

The partnership with Dataiku and the Dataiku DSS advanced analytics software platform on CDAP, teams can do much more than what was previously thought possible.

“For organizations that need tailored data security, Dataiku DSS and CDAP enable teams to build their own,” said Florian Douetteau, CEO and co-founder of Dataiku. “There are specific environments, such as healthcare and financial, in which a custom security solution is required, whether for compliance or procedural reasons. CDAP simplifies cybersecurity and enables organizations to develop their own solution. Dataiku is proud to partner with Cloudwick to provide businesses flexibility in this way.”

“We are redefining how cyber threats are handled and a partner ecosystem is a critical asset to our strategy and customers,” said Thaddeus Blake, Cloudwick VP of Alliances. “We’re excited to partner withDataiku and other independent software vendors who want to develop applications on top of CDAP to deliver increasingly valuable insight to global enterprises so they stay ahead of today’s growing cybersecurity threats.”