Appmobi Extends Protection Center Platform to Defend IoT Devices

October 26, 2016         By: Mike Dautner

Mobile security company Appmobi announced today a unique security solution for IoT devices to address the growing IoT security crisis.

The Appmobi Protection Center, originally designed for mobile apps, uses machine learning to automatically point out visible security threats to IoT devices and a customizable rules-through the engine to automatically resolve potential IoT attacks.

As the IoT ecosystem branches out, security issues are becoming increasingly prevalent. IoT attacks are not just isolated to in-house devices, security vulnerabilities in the Tesla Model S allowed attackers to remotely attack the vehicle from its internal Web browser without laying a finger on the car.

These attacks on mobile security become all the more prevalent when dealing with mobile based payments, and highly sensitive information that accompany’s them. The implications are huge, thus security measures must be of paramount importance to all mobile based processing applications.

Although it’s required in many regulatory environments to have a comprehensive security strategy throughout an IoT product lifecycle, embedded IoT devices are often low-interaction. When end users don’t spend much time directly interfacing with the device, detecting threats or security breaches is difficult. This applies to device manufacturers, OS and application developers, as well as IoT frameworks and development platforms.

“The problem is not very different from what we have seen in the mobile world. Little to no real-time visibility to cyber attacks, and no clear way to resolve them once identified, is the Achilles heel of these IoT devices,” Appmobi CEO Mark Stutzman commented. “There are also millions of devices deployed; it’s simply impossible for a security or IT team to monitor and resolve these threats manually. Appmobi automates both the monitoring and resolution while alerting teams of the threat – in real time.”