CloudCraze Secures $20 Million in Funding

January 5, 2017         By: Mike Dautner

CloudCraze, an enterprise digital commerce solution built on the Salesforce platform, has secured $20 million in funding led by Insight Venture Partners. Salesforce Ventures joins Insight as an additional investor.

The combined funds will supercharge product development, support continued growth in the United States and EMEA, and expand the company’s team of B2B commerce experts.

CloudCraze is a Platinum Salesforce ISV Partner. Built on the Salesforce platform and leveraging the agility of the cloud, CloudCraze allows businesses to harness the power of digital commerce to generate online revenue fast and easily scale for growth.

It provides seamless omnichannel interactions and a holistic view across all customer touchpoints. CloudCraze is focused on solving the complex needs of B2B companies including several iconic brands, such as Coca-Cola, Avid, AB InBev, Barry-Callebaut, Ecolab, GE, Land O’ Lakes, Kellogg’s, and WABCO.

“CloudCraze has pushed the boundaries in the B2B commerce industry to deliver a fast, scalable and robust solution that is flexible enough to allow companies to stay ahead of market and customer demands,” said Chris Dalton, CEO of CloudCraze. “As a result, we’ve achieved triple-digit growth as a company in the last year. This funding marks a significant milestone for our company and the marketplace, further enabling growth for our company and B2B commerce on Salesforce.”

The B2B commerce market is expected to grow to more than $1.1 trillion by 2020 as global online sales continue to increase. CloudCraze will continue to facilitate this industry’s growth and elevate B2B organizations’ performance across the globe. As a Salesforce partner, CloudCraze plans to continue to rapidly increase its customer base, expand within existing accounts, and capitalize on B2B commerce market growth.

“Based on our experience investing in companies involved in the Salesforce ecosystem, we see B2B commerce as an important investment driver for us,” added Nikitas Koutoupes, managing director at Insight Venture Partners. “CloudCraze improves the B2B buying and service experience tremendously with its scalable and flexible solution. We expect this round of funding to help CloudCraze innovate and grow at a much faster pace and larger scale.”