MorphoTrust Unveils Identity-as-a-Service: Identix

September 21, 2015         By: Mike Dautner

MorphoTrust (Safran) is attempting to revitalize the effort to protect customers against identity fraud.

Considering the growing concern from businesses, as well as government agencies in regard to identity theft and fraud, there is certainly a call for more efficient technology to help aid in the fight against them.

Through the cutting-edge, multimodal biometrics, authentication and search engine innovation to the cloud. The real story is attached to introduction of the Identix Trusted Identity-as-a-Service or the TIaaS platform.

With this platform, MorphoTrust is attempting to bring over two decades of pioneering in the biometric authentication industry, this includes face, palm, fingerprint, and Iris, to a whole new level.

“From financial services to healthcare there is a critical need to establish trusted identities, both in person and online,” commented Bruce Berger, General Manager, Commercial Business at MorphoTrust. “We have deep expertise in establishing, issuing and verifying personal identities in some of the most demanding environments in the world. Identix TIaaS leverages our biometric, credentialing and authentication competencies for a wide variety of commercial markets—everywhere identity matters.”

The Identix platform offers an effective solution for commercial and government organizations to authenticate identities with a high efficiency rate.

In the future, MorphoTrust plans to unveil advancements in document authentication, real-time face recognition, advanced workflow management, as well as multiple API’s, offering more solutions for identity security.