Adyen: More Than One in Three Mobile Transactions Made on iPhone

July 8, 2015         By: Steven Anderson

The Mobile Payments Index from Adyen leads things off with the earthshaking revelation that 35.6 percent of all mobile transactions made worldwide are done on iPhones.

That’s right; better than one mobile payment in three, on average, is going through Apple, and that’s making Apple a very clear front-runner in the mobile payment market.

Transactions through iOS devices account for 10.2 percent of all online transactions made worldwide, which is up from 8.6 percent just at the start of this year.

But that wasn’t the only revelation; it turns out that Apple’s dominance is becoming increasingly focused on iPhone. While iPad transactions once boasted a 50 percent market share in March 2013, that dominance is no longer the case at all, with iPad transactions falling to 28.5 percent of all browser-based mobile transactions.

It didn’t go all Apple’s way, however, as Android smartphone payments have been growing at about the same rate as the iPhone’s since about September 2014. The Android and iPhone together are providing a great platform from which smartphones are proving the dominant force in mobile payments, with smartphones now accounting for 64.1 percent of all transactions, up from 61.8 percent in the first quarter.

But some of the old trends also held water; iOS users proved to be freer with the wallet, spending an average of $115 per transaction on iPads and $82 on iPhones. Android tablet users, meanwhile, brought in an average of $93, while smartphone users accounted for $75 per transaction.

But interestingly, there’s no clear runaway winner here; it’s actually advisable to optimize any platform operating for all available devices. There are plenty of people making moves to buy things via mobile devices of all sorts. While iPad has lost some of its footing, it’s still a sizable chunk.

So really, in the end, the best thing to do is make it as easy as possible to buy things on any mobile device, because whichever device you want to consider, someone’s there with cash in pocket, ready to make purchases.

Being ready to take advantage of that impulse, meanwhile, means a much better chance of making a sale.