Partnership Between Teespring and Payoneer to Serve Emerging Markets

July 28, 2015         By: Ryan Kennedy

Online payment services company Payoneer and e-commerce company Teespring are partnering to expand payment options in emerging markets.

Teespring provides its users with the ability to create and sell custom products online and has been looking to expand its user base across the globe.

The company has chosen to partner with Payoneer to allow more payment options globally, requiring only an Internet connection for its users.

Teespring allows anyone to create, design, and manufacture products that are then available for purchase online. So far, the company has shipped almost 12 million products globally.

Because of the ease of use, availability, and automation of Teespring’s services, thousands of sellers have been able to make meaningful profits to support themselves and their families. About half of its users conduct business from outside of the U.S.

The primary factor for the partnership has come from market pressures and complications in cross-border payment options.

Teespring has a large seller community in Vietnam, which has expressed the desire to add Payoneer as an alternative to other slower and more limited payment options.

“In today’s borderless world, nothing should prevent talented professionals and small businesses from connecting with the most innovative digital technology,” said Scott Galit, CEO of Payoneer.

“The fact that Teespring sellers requested Payoneer as a payout option validates our prominence as the preferred payment platform for cross-border e-commerce and affiliate marketing.”