Launches G-Money Rewards

July 28, 2015         By: Kelly Mena, one of the most trafficked online retailers of gift cards, launched a new G-Money Rewards program.

Customers will now be able to earn G-Money Rewards points on every single purchase to be redeemed on future purchases.

Consumers earn a point on any purchase for any gift card, for every $1.00 spent and every point earned represents a $0.01 in future spending power. The points can be earned on all the brands on the site. In addition, the points can be earned and redeemed across platforms at or via its website and mobile apps available on iTunes and Google Play stores.

By the end of summer, has plans to expand the program even further by making the points redeemable for discounts on gas at participating gas stations nationwide or choosing a charity to donate the points.

In addition, CEO and Founder of, Jason Wolfe, showed his confidence in the new program by stating, “We looked at what succeeded in the offline gift card world and we saw that rewarding consumers with discounts, and specifically gas discounts, for buying gift cards from grocery stores was a huge success over the past 10 years, and we improved the model.”

Other future additions in the program include the ability for consumers to gain points for other actions like providing valuable referrals to the site, and the brand’s ability to push promotions via flexible points–i.e. Black Friday purchases could have double the points.

There are no membership dues or costs associated with joining the reward program. Customers are simply rewarded for their brand loyalty.