DigiSEq Integrates Contactless Payments to Wearable Devices

July 27, 2015         By: Melanie Macinas

DigiSEq is taking payments on wearable devices to a whole new level with its new remote personalization service.

The company is the first to have developed the technology that will allow for remote personalization of wearables for contactless payments. It has also received MasterCard’s approval using the M/Chip™ Advance payment application.

DigiSEq’s solution safely sends consumer payment information into wearable devices such as key fobs, bracelets and watches, allowing users to make contactless payments instantly after buying the device.

With the new solution, consumers no longer have to rely on their banks for devices, as they can select their own device and payment account.

Terrie Smith, CEO of DigiSEq, commented, “DigiSEq provides a unique solution that bridges the wearables and payments industries, and makes the provisioning of consumer devices for payment both easy and secure for the consumer. DigiSEq has been approved by MasterCard under their Global Vendor Certification Program as a Trusted Service Manager with a Tier 1 datacenter for global 24/365 continuous operation and an expert team to provide end-to-end support to service providers and issuers.”

The integration of payment functionality feature adds as another layer of appeal to wearables. This will likely boost the popularity of these smart devices, whose usage is expected to grow to more than 250 million by 2018, according to the global forecast of CCS Insight.