Capital One Displays Open Source DevOps Dashboard Hygieia

July 22, 2015         By: Ryan Kennedy

Capital One unveiled its DevOps Dashboard at an open source software convention on Tuesday. The open source product has been made available for download on GitHub free of charge.

It was designed to be a highly customizable development tool and provide real-time status of the entire delivery pipeline, according to a statement from Capital One. The development of Hygieia is the product of the company’s continual push towards IT development and “agile” development teams.

Capital One has more than 1,000 “agile” development teams and an IT workforce of more than 10,000. Agile development refers to software development methods that rely on incremental changes through collaboration between interdisciplinary development teams.

The company introduced Hygieia as part of its plan “to move ahead in the digital race”. George Brady, Capital One’s executive vice president of technology, said the company wanted to solve its own problems rather than rely on commercial products. “In looking at the commercial products available, we didn’t find a compelling dashboard. … [Capital One] has embraced agile at scale, continuous integration/continuous delivery, so being able to deliver software efficiently is very important to the company,” Mr. Brady said.

In a press release introducing Hygieia, Capital One noted the importance of open source software. “…open source has evolved to be an incredibly efficient win-win approach to rapid cycle development.

Companies can still keep proprietary code to themselves, while sharing blocks of more generic functionality. Open source software is now the undisputed standard for foundational software.”

“With the launch of Hygieia, Tech is putting Capital One on the radar among worldwide tech leaders,” the statement said.

The Hygieia dashboard is designed to help developer’s track code, tests, and builds across multiple development teams. It was also specifically designed to provide real-time visibility into server and application runtime analytics and health.

The cross-team development structure of Hygieia has also been designed to provide new and more robust development solutions for both Capital One and software developers. Capital One said the release of Hygieia was a “huge leap” for its development teams.

The company hopes it can become a “serious player” in the top-tier developer community with its new open source product.