Capify Unites Four Companies to Offer Alternative Finance to Four International Markets

July 22, 2015         By: Melanie Macinas

Four separate companies have merged to offer small and medium-sized businesses the most diverse alternative finance platform—Capify.

Capify combines New York-based AmeriMerchant, United Kapital in England, Australia-based AUSvance, and True North Capital in Canada.

Powered by proprietary technology and analytics, Capify becomes a global conglomerate provider of alternative finance solutions including business loans and additional working capital products.

“Our official launch of Capify comes at an exciting time as the alternative finance industry is more prosperous than ever and is top of mind for everyone from business owners to Wall Street,” said CEO David Goldin. “We’re proud to finally announce ourselves as one global conglomerate that is one of the first international movers in the alternative finance space, and the only alternative finance provider who can help small businesses with working capital solutions in the USA, UK, Australia and Canada.”

Under the rebranding, Capiota, the business loan product provider of United Kapital, will become part of Capify’s UK office.

Capify has pioneered alternative finance, being one of the early movers in the US, the UK and Canada, and the first to provide merchant cash advances in Australia.

With Capify’s real-time online application for small- and medium-sized businesses, applicants can receive real-time decisions in 60 seconds or less and working capital approval amounts powered by proprietary merchant performance data. Capify also allows websites to directly integrate their online applications.

Both local and global companies offering products and services to SMBs can now partner with Capify for a joint full-service solution that offers worldwide access to working capital.