Benseron Implements Comodo Technology to Protect Over 20,000 POS Systems

July 15, 2015         By: Mike Dautner

Comodo has revealed it will soon integrate its Comodo SecureBox technology in over 20,000 Benseron POS units worldwide.

Comodo SecureBox is a containment and endpoint system that is designed to allow users to engage “mission-critical” applications and prevent malware infections. For instance, ATMs, POS systems, and company computers can all be accessed through the security of Comodo SecureBox.

SecureBox uses containerization technology to protect data and apps from harmful key-logging, SSL sniffing, zero-day malware, transfer fraud, and data exfiltration. This will certainly be an upgrade for Benseron’s point of sale solutions across the globe.

“We are one of the largest providers of POS technology to restaurants, retail and specialty shops around the globe – through in-store POS as well as tablets and mobile devices,” said CEO of Benseron – Onur Haytac.

“By integrating the Comodo SecureBox technology into our POS offering, we have a new-age containment software that will stop any mal-ware threats immediately.  We are very pleased with how quickly Comodo has collaborated to help us customize and tailor the SecureBox solution for our needs.”

“Comodo SecureBox is particularly well-suited for businesses who need to ensure the security of third-party endpoints that are beyond the control of their IT organization,” said Robert Gersten, Principal Director of ISOs and PCI Group for Comodo.

“We are very pleased to be collaborating with Benseron to help their customers keep those critical POS endpoints secure.”