NXT-ID Reveals Behavioral Metrics Patent for Optimized Payments

July 14, 2015         By: Michael Cheng

NXT-ID, a leading smart wallet technology firm, announced a new patent that could revolutionize its future offerings.

Called “behavioral metrics,” the new invention is designed to enhance the way payments are initiated by a user.

“Like voice-directed payments where you can simply say to pay, this invention enables you to draw to pay,” says David Tunnell, CTO of NXT-ID.

“Users are very familiar with typing a PIN or drawing a pattern to access a device. Soon, they can also choose a payment account using the same methods they use to authenticate with a device.”

The company did not go into full detail about the mechanics of the system. Based on the patent, the technology will rely on sensors to detect various personalized movements. Such actions could include facial expressions, body gestures or even patterns.

By adding unique variables to the payments experience, the firm hopes to boost authentication. Through the invention, a specific or pre-programmed behavior is linked with a payment, reward card or account (just to name a few).

The technology could significantly improve the usability of wearables and smart devices. Authentication using this new method is fast and secure.

In addition to convenience, such features could be advantageous for individuals suffering from eye problems or injuries that affect current biometric authentication methods. For such cases, gestures or other subtle actions may serve as an essential step for secure purchases.

“Convenience is just as important as security,” highlighted Tunnell.

“Another key advantage of behavior-metrics is that they enable accessibility. Like directing payment by simply asking for a word that is associated with an account, users may simply perform a gesture or draw a pattern without having to view a display, enabling a method to pay for those with disabilities such as impaired vision.”