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HYPR Aims to Innovate Biometric Authentication

July 13, 2015         By: Mike Dautner

HYPR is attempting to reshape the way consumers and technology providers view biometric authentication.

The current biometric authentication solutions are riddled with distrust due to security vulnerabilities, cost, and lack of operational efficiency. HYPR intends to change the perception of the technology by backing up their ambitions with innovative methods to make biometric authentication more accessible, and above all, secure.

The demand for this technology is undisputed due to the growing inefficiency pertaining to passwords. Passwords are often overly simplistic, or reused making them highly vulnerable.

HYPR is operating with a certain set of rules in which they hope to procure the most efficient and secure biometric authentication process on the market.

The first is interoperability. The ability to use the same biometric recognition system for multiple devices is key to ensuring customer satisfaction. Next is simplicity and convenience. The platform must be easy to access whether it be fingerprint or voice recognition.

Revocability is another major must-have regarding biometric identification. For example, can the process be canceled once implemented? Last, but certainly not least is privacy and security. Every efficient biometric verification system must ensure the privacy of its users.

The company also intends to decentralize the database in which all biometric information is stored, making them less vulnerable to hackers.

Simply put HYPR is comprised of three major elements that put themselves at the fore of biometric authentication technology. Its SDKs  leverages device biometrics to provide secure authentication. Next, its verification servers recognize cryptographic signatures from users’ authenticators.

Last, it utilizes a “biometric token” enabled by a handheld device intended for pockets and keychains that operate through bluetooth in order to access devices.

The innovation of HYPR’s biometric engineering will help to consolidate the public’s reluctance to access devices through biometric authentication and put them at ease, knowing all of the data stored on their devices are in secure hands.